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Web Zara Critical Analysis of Urdu Novels of Umera Ahmed

The Urdu novels of Umera Ahmed are actual accepted a part of the masses. They are about consistently the best sellers. Abounding humans admiration why they become so popular. There are several affidavit that accomplish Umera Ahmed’s Urdu novels actual popular.The afterward are some analytical factors, which become a could cause of the acceptance of Umera Ahmed’s Urdu novels.Umera’s own able and educational backgroundThe agog Urdu readers are consistently actual anxious about the absolute getting bearing their admired pieces of writing. Umera has done her masters in English abstract and has accomplished at the Cambridge addition of the Army Public School. I Pakistan the masters in English abstract and the profession of teaching are captivated in top esteem. Therefore, the humans are awful absorbed in seeing what she has to action in her Urdu writings.

Other than this, the Umera’s average chic accomplishments makes her assume like anyone attainable and anyone the masses can affix to. So this adds a lot of agreeableness to her writings too.The adulation for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is generally the basal affair of the Urdu novels of UmeraThe masses of Pakistan are absolutely afflicted by the religious texts. In fact, this is one of the better affidavit of the acceptance of the novels of Umera Ahmed. It cannot be beneath that the artifice and storylines of Umera’s Urdu novels are able and catchy. However, the actuality that the religious capacity are chip in the capacity of Umeara’s novels aswell makes them actual famous.An archetype of this trend is the acceptance of the Urdu atypical Peer-e-Kamil (s.a.w) accounting by Umera Ahmed. No other, her Urdu atypical was been this famous.Along with Ishq e Haqeeqi, Umera Ahmed’s novels never abridgement Ishq e MajaziThe masses of Pakistan are not actual able-bodied accomplished to apprehend the religious texts, which assume to be preachy. Added than that, the adulation belief aswell affect the masses of Pakistan. Umera Ahmed knows her admirers just too well. Therefore, she integrates the Ishq e Haqeeqi with the Ishq e Majazi.In fact, abounding Urdu critics accept generally acicular this out about Umera’s novels. Umera Ahmed’s arch characters are consistently absorbed in Ishq e Haqeeqi. However, they never anytime abort to abatement absurdly in adulation with anyone from the adverse gender too. This is a combination, which never fails a part of the masses.

In short, Umera Ahmed is actual able-bodied acquainted and makes use of the afterward adduce by Virginia Woolf on the accepted fiction. “Fiction is like a spider’s web, absorbed anytime so hardly perhaps, but still absorbed to activity at all four corners. Generally the adapter is hardly perceptible”. Virginia WoolfSo if a getting is absorbed in account Urdu novels accepting a aggregate of the adulation of Allah and the adulation for a adolescent animal being, Umera Ahmed would never disappoint. One will just charge to grab a archetype of any of her novels. The accepted examples are Man o Salwa, Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Darbar-e-Dil, Hasil, and La Hasil.